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Hans-Heinrich Menche, 1. Vorsitzender des PMC


(First Chairman of PMC )

Dear Website Visitors,

.I would like take this opportunity as the first Chairman to introduce to you the

Police-Motorsport-Club  Marburg 1990 e. V. ....(PMC) Polizist

The Marburg PMC 1990 e.V. was founded by eight active police officers of the Marburg police station. The our club's primary intention is to improve the relationship between citizen and the police department. To accomplish this, the club has been promoting image awareness campaigns, so the public can better understand how the police department works. We decided that a unifying instrument was needed to help bridge the gap between the public citizen and the police department. The unifying instrument that was decided on was motorcycles, and in the autumn of 1991 with the help of the Hessen Interior Ministry, the first on five specially selected motorcycles at a prearranged price by the Marburg PMC.

From that time on with hard work, the PMC went through a incredibly fast upward development. This, however, could not have been possible without the cooperation of the Hessen Interior Ministry and the Marburg PMC. In the winter of 1991, the Marburg PMC bought a 1978 Mercedes-Bent 1017 truck that was once used as a discarded furniture removal truck. After more that 1000 hours of work, the truck was restored to a level of excellent condition both technically and visually. During this same time, the PMC has increased the number of BMW motorcycles to 30.

Today, club membership has risen to over 100 police officers (both male and female), and it is the resposibility of all the members to keep up to date with the ever changing levels of equipment needed in restoring all the vehicles purchased by the Marburg PMC. Thanks to the high level of commitment of all the members, the PMC is also able to arrange programs during large events throughout Germany. For example, other than taking part in the annual Hessentage, the PMC has put on exhibitions at the offical opening of the ROTH company near Dresden as well as at a soccer match at Frankfurt's Waldstation. Also closer to the PMC's home as a symbol of public usefulness, the PMC has donated their fees to area kindergartens and to help needy children.

A second area of interest for the Marburg PMC is collecting and restoring retired police vehicles to resore them. Overall, the PMC currently has nearly 80 police patrol cars classic cars or even current. These cars range from a 1958 Opel Blitz to a 1961 Daimler-Benz water cannon (used to control riots and unruly crowed). The rest of the vehicles are introduced in the following pages. Hard work was necessary to restore these vehicles to their original condition. With these old time vehicles shown at Old-Timer Rallies and parades from time to time, many spectators are reminded of times long gone, and feel as if they are once more in these old times. The PMC had set itself therefore the goal, the

first German police Old-Timer Museum

to base, with seat in Marburg, around these cultural properties of a broad public ability those present the premises necessary for it became with the help of the responsible persons of the city Marburg in the year 2003 bought. During the ten-year existence of anniversary of the PMC among other things found the solemn "Establishment" of the Museums at the 24/25 to. June 2000 instead of. Ihr noch finds the program sequence at that time once here. 

Am Saturday, 12 July 2003, gg. 14,00 o'clock, the goal could be put into practice. In the context of a daily of the open door now the 1 became. German police old timer museum of the public accessible made. Pictures and newspaper reports of the inauguration do not find you here that to museum firm opening times will have. it is planned in the months of May - Octobers once in each case monthly to open on one Sunday. If you should have interest in an inspection, announce yourselves please by Mail, we will then the next date in a Mail admit to give.


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First Chairman of PMC




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